the hills are alive...

Switzerland – Austria?!! – germany. That was the route we found out that we were taking. Oops..our eurail passes were only for Switzerland, germany, italy. (which we have decided we should have gotten Austria instead of Switzerland) we had to pay an extra 9 euros to go thru austria. Not bad..and that was when we decided that we’llpay the extra to go thru Austria then to go the LONG way round when coming back from Venice at the end of the month. ☺

So with two great traincar mates, we had quite an enjoyable time..we aquired two more train mates, one of which gets his own blog post. ☺ I took random photos from the windows of the train, and when we stopped at stations would pop my head out the doors and snap away.. in Switzerland we actually went onto an island called lindau, that is on a lake..then we back out and keep going..kinda interesting. And the corn. Seriously..i bet we saw half the globe’s corn usage while on the train ride!


Kerri of course said...

the corn Trace? Really - come on now... let's say it all together

it's CORN and corn alone day... (subtle pause)

Corn is no place for a mighty warrior

and then we all laugh - because really - it is funny and you know it!

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