the fairytale wedding..

September 24, 2008

Wedding day!

We woke up at 7 am.. we were still waiting to hear from Harvey, as to what time he would be driving into town from his flight into munich. He called while we were eating breakfast to say he’d be there between 10 and 11. Sweet.

So up to our room in our hotel b&b we went and kerri transformed herself into the girlie princess we all know she was. ☺

Just before noon, we went up to the hotel right under the castle and waited for russ and Harvey to make their way up there as well, to meet us for the first sighting..
There were SO many tourists there! But everyone applauded or ooo’ed and awwww’ed the whole time and moved aside to the let the bride thru! It was so fun!

The first part of the ceremony was going to be up on a peak that overlooked the castle. We have to cross a peckin high bridge then hike up. For real! When we got to the top, there werwe 3 aussie girls there who asked if they could watch.. ☺ I even got one of them to hold my laptop which was playing the music…so crazy!

After the first part of their wedding, which was absolutely stunning watching this couple enter into their marriage and listen to Harvey talk ab out the marriage relationship and how god made it and this extraordinary castle in the background, it seemed altogether surreal! Then we went down to the castle courtyard where they were going to exchange vows..when we got the bridge everyone applauded and was so great!

Once in the castle courtyard, russ took his bride and carried her up the stairs..he got TONS of applaud for that one! Every guy there has a lot to live up to after that one!

As they exchanged vows and rings, people watched, video taped, and took was such a fairytale wedding in so many lovely!

Then we did some power shooting! With a zillion people there, we had to work fast, although everyone was so accommodating for the “celebrity couple”.

We ate a meal around 4 at the hotel , and they had their first dance up there too.. so sweet.. then we, along with Harvey, were driven by russ back down to our b&b to hang for the night while the newlyweds spent their first night up near the castle.

About an hour or two later, they made it back to the hotel we were; the smoke was so bad there and russ is allergic to it. Then she asked if we wanted to take some casual night shots up at the castle..heck ya! So we did.. and then ate a very hoity toity meal up at another posh hotel for our late night meal! So fun!

What a magical day it was.. ☺ congratulations russ & kerri! And thank you for wanting me to capture your amazing day..i’m truly honored.xoxox come visit sometime!


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