Pundterplatz, nr. 9

This is our address at our flat, by the way.. :)

After we settled into our room, we took a walk to a thai restaurant, chang noi, we passed on our walk from the subway to the flat earlier. It was a quaint, ambient little restaurant..where the thai chicks speak german..that still baffles me..seeing asians speaking European languages. She helped us pick stuffoff the menu cuz they didn’t have an English one. And I had a mango daquiry. It was a great little meal..we walked home and headed for bed..

We decided tomoro would be tourist day; we’d go see all the tourist places downtown, cuz Sunday is the first day of Oktoberfest. And THAT we don’t wanna miss!


Anonymous said...

So good to read and see! Love the posts, especially about the angels. It's inspired me to try and help tourists in Vancouver. :)


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