day one begins in seattle... we zurich in our "ikea-like" room...waiting "just a little longer" to go to bed so we can actually sleep ok.. :)

we started out day with driving down to seattle to catch our time to sea-tac airport: 930am...actual time of arrival at sea-tac: 9:50 = a tad stressed tracer!! but we made it ok..

and what happens to us? we get RANDOMLY picked to have an extra security search..sweet.. :)

(the highlighted orange - the extra security for us..grrrrr!)

after our 15 minute search, we got some breakfast in the little cafe near our was so crazy- the milk cartons were crazy small!! i thought they were so cute!

enroute to cinncinati, erin and i had a kickin travel scrabble game..she won. but let's take a moment of silence - the scrabble game was left by me on the plane as we deplaned to our paris-bound very, very sad. someone in cinncinati is playing scrabble tonight! :) i did, however, make a little hot tub out of my coffee cup, along with handmade napkin towels.. ;)


Anonymous said...

No more travel scrabble? So sad ... :(


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