sugar and spice and everything nice..

that's what little girls are made of. :)

when my dear friend libby told about her dreamshoot with little girls, i was IN!!
so yesterday we did the shoot..4 little girls..frills, candy, and teacups. sooooo fun!

here are a few little details until the photos are ready to post!


so i'm a little giddy..

why? cuz we have a website up for the vancouver wedding photographers and second shooters..and a blog to boot!

i can't tell you how incredibly stoked i am about it all. there is so much coming together that is WAAAAY beyond what i could have dreamed up..its pretty rad, really. :)

keep your eyes peeled, and bookmark the links.

and all because of a little lunch date with my dear libby friend.. :) thanks libby! we're gonna rock this thing!


ferry fun

we headed up to the sundeck of the queen of oak bay, which is covered, to commence our game of apples to apples. sadly, we were unable to finish it, as the wind gusts began and we couldn't keep the cards on the table. :)

road trip anyone!?

what do you do when your lover is out of town and you can't find a sitter so you can work on the weekend? you thank god for erin's exhaustive list of amazing back-up second shooters and you take the kiddies on a road trip!

it's true..the ever wonderful gabrielle was able and more than willing to take my place as second shooter this weekend, as i had not ONE option for childcare for the kiddies as hubbie is away.

and with a boy that is 11 and a half and "bored" and summer has only begun, i had to think of something to do this weekend we 3 were together so there wouldn't be shrapnel flying.. ;)

well a road trip was in order and where did we go? but to the isle of vancouver. :)

we packed up our night's bags and snacks, asked our DEAR neighbor next door to let the dog out now and then, and off we headed to horseshoe bay to catch the 10:30 am ferry on friday.

the road trip continues....


tania & justin - rockwater secret cove

this last weekend's wedding with erin g proved to be a delightful event, to say the least. :)

GORGEOUS couple - she happens to be a model and movie actress, to boot.
the venue - rockwater secret cove resort - was ever so lovely.
the weather was AMAZING.

it was such a fun day..we even went out on justin's FAST boat to get some photos out in the wide open sea..i LOVED it..i think erin was glad to be back on "solid" ground. :)

they brought in a live band for the reception. so much fun.

then on sunday we did a FABULOUS trash the dress/day after session..AMAZING.

here are a couple shots... and make your way over to erin's blog for some more.

tania & justin.

the sunshine coast


one of the great things about my job as a photographer is that i get to visit some of the greatest places! some of the places that i can thank my job for taking me to are: whistler, montreal, germany, italy, hong kong, philippines, portland, switzerland, calgary, saskatchewan, the okanagan to name a few.

this last weekend i was second shooting for erin gilmore up the sunshine coast at rockwater secret cove resort.

i had never been to the sunshine coast, and let me tell won't be my last time! and to think i have a sweet great aunt who lives in gibsons! she did invite me out this summer, so i will DEFINITELY take the kiddies and lover!!

the lifestyle is so incredibly "CHILL". it's awesome. and the scenery absolutely breathtaking.

here are my photos from the roadtrip side of it...enjoy. ;)

ferry odds & ends..

only on the sunshine coasts do you find random chairs at bus stops. we asked a local gent about them, and he said "ya, we donate them to the bus stops so people have somewhere to sit. in fact my wife took one of our old chairs to one last week!" so cool!

first stop - the quaint little township of gibsons...where the old tv series "the beachcombers" was filmed..

we ate lunch at this great little greek place..our drinks were scrumptious and our good. we were burpin' it for hours.. ;)

here and there in molly's lane..

eat your heart out easy-park vancouver

and onto sechelt..

lil' ms GI JANE..

speaking of GI JANE..she got two flat tires..yep, same side..weeeeeeeeeeird. luckily wonderful gent "jack" came to our rescue and drove us to tire shop and then back to rockwater friday night..

it suits her, no? :)

only in a small town..i told erin that i bet it went something like this, the next day: "ya we were hardcore last night, we painted the street..ha ha.. ya best night EVER." :)

the CUTEST little "franchise" of coffee shops on the sunshine coast..

LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote..

and back thru gibson's on our way home..

a very cool artisan's gallery - the Art Barn..

some more of the gibsons landing..

and to end the trip right - lunch at molly's reach. :)