ed & shirley...waiting for their bundle.. :)

this afternoon i had such an AMAZING maternity shoot. i think i love maternity shoots almost as much as i love my new love-on for artichoke and asiago dip..which is some SERIOUS love-on... ;)

ed & shirley were stunning...their nursery ADORABLE! they did such a great job on it..i'd love that pad if i were a babe i tell ya!

yes, back to ed & shirley..gorgeous couple..just were so great in front of the camera.. we had fun in their beautiful, private yard, inside in front of perfectly lit windows and in their lovely room..

shirley has THE most stunning tatoo..we had to feature it there's a lil "skin".. but not enuf that my rosie didn't think it was too wrong.. (she's my monitor for what is appropriate to blog!)

yes it was one of my favorite maternity's shoots..i had such a hard time choosing which to put on the blog..i blogged waaay more than i usually do..but i just couldnt choose! :)

thank you ed & shirley for letting me into your home and capturing your beautiful love for each other and the baby within...2 more weeks! :) can't wait to see the bundle! xoxo


Erin Gilmore said...

Simply amazing Trace!!!!

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