the door

IMG_9900, originally uploaded by tracey heppner.

it is see it every day.
its whether or not you choose to actually go thru the door.

you put your ear up to it.
you strain to hear what is on the other side.
it sounds
yet, risky, uncertain, unknown.

you stand on this side and wonder.
wonder what it could be like.
what it could REALLY be like.
what you THINK it could be like.
yet still, you hesitate.

you hesitate like you have, every other day.
what if there really is nothing on the other side?
what if it's just all in your head?
what if you are disappointed when you open the door?

what to you ever wonder that?
wonder about the possibilities of what is
on the other side of that door?
wonder what life could be like if you walked thru that door?
wonder if you should just stop wondering and just do it?

you put your hand on the knob & can almost feel the anticipation.
you can sense the life.
you know that it is exciting. dont turn it.

yes, this door is for you to open every day.
every day it is there, waiting for you.
waiting for you to open it.
waiting for you to walk thru.
waiting for you to embrace all that is on the
other side.

the door to your dreams.
what will you do today?
what are you waiting for?
walk thru it.

you have NOTHING to lose.

-tracey heppner, june 8, 2009


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