my babushka

yesterday i went for a little visit to see my frail little 93yr old great grandmother.
she's in pallative care..she is a gem.
i try to visit her as often as i can, as her days are becoming shorter..

she got married at 13...her first of 5 kids at 15..worked so very hard..every christmas we would have a ukrainian family dinner that'd she'd prepare single handedly.. oh the precious memories..
i used to go to bingo with her.. i even took her into a photobooth and we did funny photos (i'll get those and post them soon!)

i chatted with her, lotioned her hands with her lavender lotion and stroked her hair and kissed her face... she kept telling me she loved me very much, and thanked me for coming to visit.

i didn't want to leave her, as usual..i can still smell her lavender little hands....


Cathy said...

What a beautiful posting! What wonderful women. Both of you.

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