little nate..

my dear friend kimmy gave birth feb 13, while i was still in estevan...she did AMAZING! before i left i wanted to take a few pics of her and her new man, nathaniel, and her hunny..

love you guys bunches!


i finally did it!

i have just about updated my blog!! except for two HUGE blogs from january that i'm working on, everything is up todate...finally!!

grab a chai and check 'em out:

impact magazine shoots

cog regional christmas dinner


deck the halls...fa la la la laaa!

merry christmas hayley!

random stuff...

new years!!

impact magazine shoots

a couple of cool olives... :)


little master kai

our friends in estevan, dean & monique, had their baby, miciah(mi-kai-ah), affectionately named "kai", feb 11, while we were there. my sister-in-law charity was their doula and they had a lovely fast birth!

i, of course, couldn't wait to go over and take photos of the little man!
and that i did!

welcome to the world mr miciah willms!

here are a few of my faves..





gv zoo

another amazing sunny day this fine february.
and we read that AMRYN, the baby giraffe at the greater vancouver zoo, made her public debut on wednesday so decided we had to check her out for ourselves!!

the kids, j and little miss hayley and i loaded up the car and headed to langley.
great drive out there..

and lots of fun things to see at the zoo..and lots of fresh air and walking that made for good snoozes on the way home!

pretty much chalked that day up as one to remember.. :)

and then driving home, was again taken back at the beautiful city we live in, with the mountains peeking behind the cityscape, in the background, yet right in youir face. dang we live in a pretty amazing place. :)

early mornings..

i went for a run this about absolutely serene.
i didn't think it was too early, but apparently hardly anyone is up running at 830 am on sunday in our neck of the woods.

speaking of is such a lovely run, up here on burnaby mountain..the trees, the frost on the grass, the big blue sky, the sun peeking thru the trees in the east.

on my way back home i ran past the golf's a shot with my phone/pedometer/walkman doomathingy..dang it is such a hard thing to run up here..its the burden i must bear ;) giggle...

we're taking the kids to the zoo today.. pictures i'm SURE will follow.. :)



that silly weatherman..

the sun was going away for the weekend hey?

riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. :)

the skies were a blazing blue..the air, crisp with spring fluttering thru it..and what better thing to do than to take photos!

my best friend erin was the subject today..i owed her some portraits, so off to yaletown we went!

after our gandering about the seawall and roundhouse area, we headed over to howe street to my very favorite sushi place and introduced erin to a whole new world of japanese sushi.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... :)

then we drove thru starbucks at the end of cordova and headed home..

pretty much chalked that up to be a great afternoon..spent with the greatest friend. :) love you er..


sunny and 13 degrees on burnaby mountain..

what does a mom of two do on a pro-d day when it's sunny and plus 13?

pretty much takes it ALL in on her bedroom deck, while the kiddies bounce on the trampoline in the backyard..oh ya... :)

a singing passer-by-er...and me

so i'm up in my room, emptying out the last suitcase, thinking it's already 11am and i should probably get dressed, and out of the silence i hear this loud singing voice outside my bedroom window, that faces the street.

i glance out, wondering what, or rather WHO is singing...

there he stands, a busee (i just made that know, those of our population who take buses :)...) walking to the busstop a few yards down, singing quite loud, with no reservations.

wow, i thought. how often are we so conscious of what people think...and here is mr busee, singing a happy song, in his mother tongue of spanish, i might add..and he doesn't give a rip if someone else thinks he's on crack. :)

i think it was a good reminder for me to live today like you have no is short to fret about the little things we fret about.

carpe diem, my friends!!


the new site and email!!

hey all!!

i have just "pushed the button"...the button that says for my site to "go live"!!

so in the next 72 hours that new bad boy should be up there. i'm pretty excited about it! :)

i have noticed that my email is not working properly. perhaps part of the "joys" of propagating!! so email me at til everything is A-OK!

:) tracey


scrabble anyone??

yes, i will admit..i am a scrabble addict.

this only came about with facebook's SCRABULOUS.
now i own a board, and bought my friend shelley, from SK, a board for her birthday while i was out there..

we played with my friend and cousin, erin, while we were at their farm the last day in SK.. boy did it rock..

because of my brother-in-law evan's help, i won the game.
cha-ching, baby..cha-ching. ;)

a cousin's group shot?

the day before we left - i'm a procrastinator, yes - i thought it'd be sooooo great to get a photo of the cousins, together, for memory's sake and also k nowing that "nini", the grandmother in the philippines would LOVE to have one of all of them together.

this is what i could come up with... giggle..


i have some of the greatest nieces and nephews.. :)

when we were in SK we got to spend two weeks with them; 4 of jonathan's sister's (charity) kids and 2 of jonathan's cousin's (erin) boys.

cher's kids:
NOAH - 13, cool red curly locks, eats big mac's with his tita trace, doesn't like girls. :)
ELIJAH - 10, caleb's sidekick, only 3 months, to the day, younger. blond and big blueberry eyes, lover of sports.
MERRY FAYE - 8, tough girl on the outside, soft girlie girl on the inside, girlfriends with rosie, takes everything in.
SARAH JOY - 4, reminds me of a very cute yet feminine tasmanian devil from bugs bunny show, cutest little philipino accent EVER.

erin's boys:
BENJAMIN - 5, has more testosterone than any little boy i know, giggles when caleb calls him "benji"
NATHAN - 3, full-on ham!, cutie, and snuggler of his mama

so with those stats you mix them together with our kids:

- 10, loves basketball and his PSP, sensitive yet really tough
ROSIE, or ANNAROSE as she is now wanting to be called - 6, going on 16, girlie girl extraordinaire, talkative is an understatement.

here's a mis mash of photos of them..

cousins rock...don't leave home without them. ;)

and at benji and nathan's, the ever infamous Wii :)