the lunar eclipse..

giggle…i was thinking this afternoon, “i’m totally gonna take a few rad pics of the lunar eclipse”.. right then i should’ve stopped.

i mean seriously…

do i have the kind of gear needed to get some stellar shots? um, ya.. right. besides my batteries were dead, and i couldn’t find my AA battery magazine for my little Dory (what i affectionately call my 5D :)).

however after much rummaging thru my bottom “photo junk” drawer, i found it, slapped 6 AA’s in and went to my deck.

after the first shot, i should have stopped.

honestly…there’s no way my shots look near as cool as the ones on the internet, when they use their $1,000,000 lens gear..

can you see why i was giggling? then i was talking afterwards to erin gilmore, who was also giggling with me, about the same deal.

like i said to her….”i think i’ll stick to people!”

anyhow, here’s a few of my “snapshots” of the lunar eclipse, that my kids and i watch for a whooping 3 minutes..apparently lunar eclipes aren’t that cool for 6 and 10 years olds..

;) wink..


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