i have some of the greatest nieces and nephews.. :)

when we were in SK we got to spend two weeks with them; 4 of jonathan's sister's (charity) kids and 2 of jonathan's cousin's (erin) boys.

cher's kids:
NOAH - 13, cool red curly locks, eats big mac's with his tita trace, doesn't like girls. :)
ELIJAH - 10, caleb's sidekick, only 3 months, to the day, younger. blond and big blueberry eyes, lover of sports.
MERRY FAYE - 8, tough girl on the outside, soft girlie girl on the inside, girlfriends with rosie, takes everything in.
SARAH JOY - 4, reminds me of a very cute yet feminine tasmanian devil from bugs bunny show, cutest little philipino accent EVER.

erin's boys:
BENJAMIN - 5, has more testosterone than any little boy i know, giggles when caleb calls him "benji"
NATHAN - 3, full-on ham!, cutie, and snuggler of his mama

so with those stats you mix them together with our kids:

- 10, loves basketball and his PSP, sensitive yet really tough
ROSIE, or ANNAROSE as she is now wanting to be called - 6, going on 16, girlie girl extraordinaire, talkative is an understatement.

here's a mis mash of photos of them..

cousins rock...don't leave home without them. ;)

and at benji and nathan's, the ever infamous Wii :)


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