gv zoo

another amazing sunny day this fine february.
and we read that AMRYN, the baby giraffe at the greater vancouver zoo, made her public debut on wednesday so decided we had to check her out for ourselves!!

the kids, j and little miss hayley and i loaded up the car and headed to langley.
great drive out there..

and lots of fun things to see at the zoo..and lots of fresh air and walking that made for good snoozes on the way home!

pretty much chalked that day up as one to remember.. :)

and then driving home, was again taken back at the beautiful city we live in, with the mountains peeking behind the cityscape, in the background, yet right in youir face. dang we live in a pretty amazing place. :)


Meryl said...

ok i know i see your kids whenever i want, but still everytime i'm shocked at how big they are... wow. great pics trace :)

Jillian Kirby said...

My family and I were at the zoo on Sunday as well (we only live 3 minutes from it so we're there A LOT!). Crazy! Maybe we walked right past each other!! ;)

Ps... LOVE the mountain shot! I love this place!!

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