road trip anyone!?

what do you do when your lover is out of town and you can't find a sitter so you can work on the weekend? you thank god for erin's exhaustive list of amazing back-up second shooters and you take the kiddies on a road trip!

it's true..the ever wonderful gabrielle was able and more than willing to take my place as second shooter this weekend, as i had not ONE option for childcare for the kiddies as hubbie is away.

and with a boy that is 11 and a half and "bored" and summer has only begun, i had to think of something to do this weekend we 3 were together so there wouldn't be shrapnel flying.. ;)

well a road trip was in order and where did we go? but to the isle of vancouver. :)

we packed up our night's bags and snacks, asked our DEAR neighbor next door to let the dog out now and then, and off we headed to horseshoe bay to catch the 10:30 am ferry on friday.

the road trip continues....


dyanna said...

I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

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