7 days and counting..!!!!!!!!

so a week tomoro erin, my BFF, and i will driving at 430 am to seattle and jet off to cinncinati and thru to paris, france, and our final flight to zurich, switzerland..

i'm a litte excited now.. WE LEAVE IN A WEEK! and then brought tons of stress - I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE WE ARE STAYING, WHERE WE ARE GOING AND WE LEAVE IN A WEEK! it was wonderful to have tea with our neighbor, iolla, who is from italy. :) she let me borrow a great book on venice and told me places i "must see"..

then i got home and full on stressed - erin, do we drive from germany to italy or train it? after much discussion, we decided we'd buy our eurorail passes and leave out mondo stress! great! we now have transpo from zurich to munich (travel day 1 of 5 with our pass!)

(zurich, switzerland)

we are staying in zurich one night with my friends, who are getting married, at a 4 star hotel - their treat! this will be cool to explore a bit there..from there we will use the eurorail pass and go to munich.

(munich glockenspiel)

when we get to munich, that is the only part we are still uncertain about.. where we will be staying. will we be staying in munich or outside of munich? the thing is, it's oktoberfest - and that brings in 6 million visitors! that's what i said, what!?!? :) so i asked j if he met/knew anyone from germany, namely munich area from his week long leadership thingy he had in malaysia last year. he said he did! so he will email and we'll see what we can do! :)


from munich we'll spend 3 days south in a place called Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a market town, not too far from the border of austria. this is the area in which my friend's wedding will take place..we've talked about the castle in lindorf.. that would be a FABULOUS place to shoot! :)

(city of venice)

from Garmisch-Partenkirchen we will train to venice.. :) we're actually going to take the train late at night and sleep thru the night - no need for another room for the night - sleep on the train! and will stay almost 4 days there. we are staying in a hostel there.. very cute place with great reviews.. woot! this is where my tea with iolla comes in! our hostel is right in venice, and we plan to go to burano and murano islands too...the colored glass and the lace apparently is really cool..and san marco square and the bridges and the iolla said, "get lost in venice..cuz you can always find your way by following the flow of people".. so i'm thinking getting lost is in order!

(canals in venice)

(burano, 7km from venice)

then we will head back to munich and probably crash at the airport that night - our flight leaves munich at 7am! we then fly to paris, have a 3 hr wait and onwards west to cinncinati and back to seattle.

doesn't that sound crazy?? i actually can't believe we're really doing it.. altho after buying the eurorail pass, i was like, "ya i just bought an EXPENSE train ticket!" so it kinda sunk it! but sooo much fun!

i'm packing light - a small suitcase or large backpack for my stuff, and my small laptop backpack. i know! i can't believe it! whether or not that ACTUALLY happens or not is another, but thinking that is the way to go when we're going from place to place.

so ya.. :) if you have any packing tips, ideas for things we should see, etc, email me.. i'd love to hear them, as we're keeping everything pretty open!

and i will do a daily blog, when many photos i'll post is another thing - it may NOT be as extensive as our philippines trip..but then again, who knows! :)

i'm going to brain is mush and i'm going to dream of venice.. :)


chris said...

i miss you so much friend.. wish i can go with you to europe.... so excited for you! :) enjoy... cant wait to see europe with you through you blog... love ya friend.

Sarah said...

Can't wait to see all your Europe pics!! btw... my BFF said the new term is "Besties!!!!" (not Betsies) I think BFF still sounds better though, I even have a stamp that says that now! Arr Arr...

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