little mr. man has arrived!

yesterday night at 720pm, a 10 lb 1 oz little mr wall arrived at st. paul's hospital, downtown vancouver, to scott & darlene. we were ecstatic!! they came home last night just before midnight...stopping for a chai for dar on the way home..of course!!

dar did amazing, of course and i giggled as she walked up to house.. "so what did you do tonight, dar?" i asked... we both told scott he and dar had QUITE the date tonight! :)

here are a few of the snaps i took of him with no flash, the iso CRANKED to 3200...but oh, is he cute!!! :) :)

and then the little guy decided he was gonna give tita trace a little smirk, almost to say, "oh YOU..yes you can take pictures of me ANYTIME." ;) what a great guy.. giggle..


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