a weekend of wedded bliss.. :)

this last weekend i shot a couple weddings with erin g...

saturday was with karissa and adam..karissa, simply stunning...adam, her handsome other half...i kept on saying to myself..her reminds me of who...and i figured it out on the way home - angelina jolie. karissa, on the other hand, isn't an actress or UN spokesperson..she is one of canada's best championship water skiers. kinda cool. :)

then sunday afternoon held the ceremony of tanya and henrique.. they both met each other 2 weeks before they were happening to both be moving to ottawa..a few weeks later once they both arrived and settled in the respective places, they had a date and "voila!", romance began.. :)

they were so cute and so mushy in love the entire shoot.. they kept saying, "sorry if this is too much!"...never be is a wonderful thing.. :)

catch more photos on erin's blog.


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