wedding with mr wachniak

at the end of december i was able to second shoot one of the 4 days with michael wachniak, a fun photographer i met this fall thru the facebook second shooters group.
i'm mostly working with erin g, but when the opportunity arises to make some extra cash PLUS work with a photog i've never worked with, i'm always up for that! to describe michael's personality in one word, it would be: FUN!

i met the crew at the most gorgeous stanley park inn, a venue i didn't even know existed! it's absolutely adorable! and i think that a little date with lover some night would be in order!!

anywhooooooo..back to the wedding. :) it was a 4 day wedding that michael was shooting and this was day 3. aside from a few dramatic moments with the bride, it was a beautiful and fun evening! we shot inside the inn..and then we headed out to north richmond for the reception

here's a few shots from the evening.. thanks again for letting me play, michael!! :)

(this is michael! they got him an indian sari too!!)


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