14 years of love.. :)

14 years ago jonathan and i got married in calgary (shout out to all you, calgarians!) in the backyard of his sister's condo.
there were 16 of us there in total.
we planned our wedding in 4 days.

yes, 4 days. :)

long story short - two kids (me 23 and him 20) finally deciding we couldn't live without each other.

here's our "official" wedding photo.. my mom took it. :) thanks mom! xo

forward to today.. 14 years.
we've had some adventures...from living with 3 different people in our first year of marriage and only 2 months of that was actually on our own...from moving to the philippines 6 months after we married and staying there for 6 years, acquiring 2 amazing kids and a giant load of amazing in saskatchewan for 5 years and growing to love the beauty of the flat prairies...and now we are here in vancouver, living the dream..together.

lover, as i fondly call him (what?! his name is jonathan? really? ) is my best friend.
lover completes me..just like jerry maguire said.. :)

i simply can't imagine my life without him.
and i simply can't imagine not having our life together.

we have been thru a lot..but have ALWAYS come out stronger.
we were made for each other.

so here's to us..lovers..friends..companions..
we pretty much rock. :)


laurahana said...

You guys DO rock! :) Congrats!!

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary Tracey and Jonathan! I hope you have a wonderful day together, well after Ninja of course!

nick said...

I was reminiscing about 1995 today too... but because that's when windows 95 came out. Ya... so? I'm a nerd!

Anyyyyywayyyyy.... Congratulations again on 14 years!

Louise said...

Congrats!!! I have that original photo in my stash somewhere I'm sure cuz I know I've seen it before :) Here's to many more adventures & blessings...

I almost think it's been about that long since I've actually seen you too!

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