bliss soap company - seattle, wa

a few seattle trips ago, with my dear friend jeanie, we happened upon this amazing little soap shop. we were overwhelmed with all the coolness that filled this shop!

we introduced ourselves to the owner, phil, and the rest is history.. :)

our family holiday i did a little "work" and took a visit to bliss to take photos of their new stock for their website.

not only do they make "regular" soap, but they have "food" soap, as you will see.. some are bathbombs, some are soaps, some are both..sooo creative!

and his wholesale end is BOOMING! he now makes bars for a major cruise line...30,000 bars every 4 months.. hello! can we say busy!? :) way to go phil!! :)

phil...your shop rocks..and you are such a great guy! sooo glad our paths have crossed. :)

for more info - they do orders online too! - visit

and to see a TON more amazing photos of his AWESOME soap, go to the public facebook album - bliss soap


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