kara & sid

yesterday's wedding with erin gilmore was really fun..and the reallly chill..and really lovely!!

the couple were so very laid back...and so cute together..they couldnt keep their eyes off each other!

we started with details and the girls getting ready at sandman inns on davie street. from there we didnt all hop into a, they rented a trolley much fun! we met the guys at the inukshuk for the first look and a few photos. next stop for portraits: granville island.

after a good hour and a half here and there all over granville island, we went to the
then off to the ceremony at the vancouver museum.

it was a hot day, i tell ya! but there we thinking..the programs were actually fans for the guests...kara had so many cool details thru her day. the ceremony was lovely and the guests all took the trolley to monk mcqueen's for the reception.. the bride & groom and us? they had rented an aquabus. :) this day was so much fun!

after our leisurely ride to monks thru false creek, we arrived to guests waving to the new couple from the patio balcony. so cute!

a live jazz band greeted us upstairs with amazingly decorated tables. i counted, and there were 19 little thomas haas cakes on 10 tables.. so fun!

the reception was lovely and filled with laughs, beautiful words and dancing!

congrats kara & sid!

to see more pics, go to erin's blog! kara & sid


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