a heart session..greg + john + evelynn

you know when you just KNOW that some things are meant to happen? it's like this...

it wasn't til facebook arrived on the scene that i met up with an old friend, jannine, that i was involved in a theatre company with when i was in high school. how cool, no?

last week, i decided that i was going to give away 2 complimentary portraits sessions...just cuz. randomly, no notice, spur of the moment.

when jannine responded to my "announcement for april" i was thrilled...then she told me the story, and i was overwhelmed.

you see, her long time partner, greg, has a mom..and his mom was just diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. a week ago. 2 weeks ago she was living on her own, having coffee with her girlfriends..completely living life.

on saturday, i made my way to surrey to jannine (my friend) and greg's place where evelynn, greg's mom, was for the afternoon.

there she sat with her two grown sons, on the couch listening to old audio files of her talking with her dad..when she was about their age.

how incredibly sobering it was. and very gentle and truly sweet.

i leave you with a couple photos from our time together, with permission from jannine.

bless you are so beautiful and leave a legacy behind.


kristel wyman said...

what a wonderful gift to be able to give. tracey, you are a beautiful person.

Erika Scott | Photographer said...

What an amazing opportunity Tracey. Blessed are you to be able to provide such everlasting memories. A tear comes to my eye when I see these photos!

ellenb said...

Thank you Tracey. From all Evelyns friends back home.
Ellen B

Kim (Litwiller) Bowman, niece said...

Thank you. Aunt Evelyn was a special person to many people.

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