today's EYE fone shot


i didn't post an iphone photo yesterday and it's officially wednesday. so that is two days i didn't post! what on earth!?!?

been crazy..not gonna lie. but i'm back.

and i will post not one, two but THREE to make up for my slackness.. :)

this inside my lovely PEDRO, or our new nissan xterra. :)
shot with a RAD apple application on my iphone (thanks for the recommend, reilly!!) called QUAD CAMERA. for a couple bucks you can shoot several different sets of photos from 4 to 8 photos. kinda fun! some little detail shots of the lovely PEDRO.... :)

and this is another application i was using, again recommended by reilly, CAMERA BAG. it has about 8 different settings..this one is INSTANT, as in hey? :) this is some of the construction i was watching while sitting in the salty tongue down on carrall street in gtown..

and finally a normal shot, of my little brownie.. i soooo remember being a brownie.. :) she was just glowing! :) they go on their first brownie camp this weekend.. fun! the kind of photo every parent sends to EVERYONE on their email list, phone list, xmas list... you get the picture.. (no pun intended.. )

so that's a wrap..i'm going to sleep's my in office work lots of catching up on blogging will be happening.. until then...tootles! :)


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