23.5 hours of weddings!

i made it!

i second shot two weddings this weekend, totally 23.5 hours of shooting and i feel pretty good.. :) and really thankful that today jeanie's taking me for lunch and a massage she gave me for my birthday!! woo hooo! :)

saturday began at 1130 am. a croatian wedding with blue olive, aka miranda and reilly. ;) what an absolutely GORGEOUS day! and the bride, marina, was absolutely STUNNING. her gorgeous provonias wedding dress..her amazing engagement ring and sparkly jewelry..the shoes.. ya. it was all gorgeous. they married at the croatian catholic church and then we headed down around venables and clark industrial area for a FABULOUS photo session!
the reception at the croatian cultural centre..and boy, did they do that hall up! considering i know it for craft was totally transformed it. it was all absolutely stunning. and the partying..boy do they know how to party! :) with a live croatian band and one of THE best DJ's i have EVER heard, we left at 1am..and the party was still going strong!

after 6 hours of sleep and charging batteries, i was off with erin g to a jewish wedding celebration! we started with the getting ready shots of the girls up at the sutton place hotel on burrard, then made our way to point grey to meet the guys and do some fun alley and beach shots around their place.
we made our way to the brock house, where they would marry under the chupah and lots of hora's! fun fun! we started at 130 that afternoon and were heading home at 1130 that evening.

what a fun weekend!

i'll leave you with a few of erin's shots and my tracey factor.. head over to her blog for some more spectacular shots ---> sam & adam's wedding


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