fifteen years..

picture this with me: (no pun intended..)

sitting in bent hair industries this morning, getting my locks chopped, and my phone starts ringin.. i figure, "my voicemail will grab it". and it did. and then after i was done my appointment, which i think turned out to be alright (yeah!) i checked my phone.

1 missed call: dwayne.

dwayne?, i thought. why would he be calling me. side note: i haven't seen my cousin dwayne in 15 years. so my mind starts whirling (this is ALL before i listen to the voice mail from "dwayne")...his bro david is coming up to visit with us for a couple days next week, so i first thought, maybe for some WEIRD reason he has dwayne's phone and is letting me know he got to seattle ok.. then i thought, why would david have his phone. no.. that couldn't be it. maybe it WAS dwayne and something happened to david and he was letting me know, as i was expecting him next week. oh crap! what could it be.

it was then , that i stopped myself from thinking and dialed and listened to my voicemail.. :)

dwayne was in surrey.. for a day.. at a wedding.. want to have lunch with deklan, his daughter, and i?

heck yes!

so the kids and i had lunch with fun.. she's a hoot..what a cutie..
and it was so good to just hang with dwayne for an hour (far too LITTLE time!)and play "catch up"..

so here's a few pics from our time. :) gotta love seeing cousins after a long time. told him we shouldn't wait so long til the next time.. chuckle...

, mel.. we DID have a nutritious lunch.. hee hee.. :)


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