lucky number 13!!

who said 13 wasn't a great number!?

this last sunday was our 13th wedding anniversary! i know...time flies!!
we saw each other for the last 45 minutes on sunday; j and kids were in hope sat/sun at a camp he was speaking at and i was shooting a wedding with blue olive til just after 11pm! good thing for us, we usually celebrate for a week.. :)

so the cards keep getting passed, some dinner with the family at our very favorite cristo's greek taverna on hastings..perhaps we'll watch a movie tonight..maybe we'll go out tomoro somewhere for lunch or afternoon coffee..thurs we're going to celebrate with dar and scott who also celebrated their anniversary this month.. such a great week, hey!? :)

here's to us! what an adventure we are on..and have pretty much been on since day ! love you babe, so very much!!

and here's some of our fabulous portraits we got shot for our 13th anniversary from our wonderful friends at blue olive!


Christine said...

happy 13th.... love you both so much... :)

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