rosie's birthday party with her friends..

our dear rosie's birthday is june 18...kinda an awkward time of year; school coming to a close, sports under way, plus everything else that winds up or down at the end of school year.

this year we decided to have your birthday party with her friends in july when things have tapered off.. well they have, and summer also holds vacation times away etc. nonetheless, rosie, hailey and utae had a great time together today!! her friend kaylee had planned on coming but went camping last minute and olivia, our neighbor friend, also had a camp but came over to the house later.

we had tita kristal, my sister, doing princess face painting..they utae's parents brought their badminton set and we all went crazy with the birdee!..then we decorated jewlery boxes...then there was the cupcakes and goodies..writing letters to our world vision sponsor child, dominic and collected some two-nies for him too!... and then presents! it was a super fun day..

tonight before bed, rosie comes to me and says, "momma that was an awesome birthday party"..that made the day.. :)

check out her slideshow --> rosie's birthday at the park


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