weddings updates..

wedding season...for most, that means they may get invited to a wedding or two MAX this summer..for MOI, it means at least 2 a weekend! and every one different, and every one is new to me!

like i posted before i get to work this summer with 4 different photogs - blue olive photography, elizabeth soergel photography, sarah rees of bliss photographic, and miss erin from erin gilmore photography. it's been FABULOUS working with someone different all the time!

this last weekend i worked with sarah on saturday..when she posts on her blog, i'll be sure to let you see! we were at the gorgeous royal vancouver yacht club for the day..the groom was scottish, so kilts were in order! it was a lovely affair!

then yesterday i worked for the third time with sir reilly of blue olive.. if one word can describe working with reilly it has to be FUN. :) every wedding when we go "pick up" miranda for my ride home to burnaby, we fill her in on the details, so it makes it feel more like she indeed WAS with us, as she was DEFINITELY in spirit! when they post some shots from the weddings, i'll be sure to post too!

until then, onwards with my 5 day weekend! ;)


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