summer is here..

yes, yes it is summer..and i'm strong into wedding season until, oh, mid october! i get to have fun every weekend with a handful of amazing photographers, each weekend it varies...elizabether soergel photography...erin gilmore photography...sarah rees of bliss photographic olive photography..

i will try and blog from each you can see how much fun i really AM having! it depends on who i'm shooting with and how fast they get a blog post up!!

and any family and grad shoots i've shot, i'm in the process of getting those all under way and you should be receiving them in the near future.. :)

all this while having a blast with the kiddies during the week..could life get much better than this?? i contest that it can not!! :)

that's it..just wanted to share the goodness.. :)

vancouver..the city i love... <3


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