cory & brenda - eSession - calgary, AB || vancouver wedding photographer

i just have to say...i love my in the ones who commission me to photograph their wedding. they are always so great!

brenda and cory are no different! both of them are absolutely stunning and have so much fun with each other!

over dinner before our eSession i asked them the story of their relationship. all i gotta say is WOW! i told cory he had to write a book , "how to win the heart of your true love". he did the most creative and detailed proposal, from lots of roses, to strangers approaching brenda, to letters, to all the places they had significant moments. it was amazing!

so needless to say, we had much fun shooting their engagement session! we headed down to the warehouse district in downtown calgary..yes i have a THING for old buildings, ok!? ;)

can we say GORGEOUS!!?

can't wait to shoot their wedding on friday! you guys rock! :)


kristel wyman said...

i love the third and fourth shots! glad you're having fun in calgary!!

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