joey & jhansy - lifestyle session - calgary, AB || vancouver photographer, destination photographer

joey..he now goes by joe or joseph. but to me, he will ALWAYS be joey.
i have known joey for what seems like FOREVER.

joey was like my big brother when i lived in calgary, pre-marriage to jonathan.
joey was there the day we got married..he was there whenever we came thru calgary..and even tho we don't get to see each other often, it's like time has never passed.

joey ALSO married the lovely jhansy. :)

and when they asked if i had time to photograph them this trip, i was MORE than delighted. they ROCKED it!

great to see you guys..and yes, we won't wait so long for us all to get together. and we'll bring pickles... ;)

love and hugs.. here's a few to enjoy... xoxo


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