i was in calgary all week...i went out to shoot a wedding yesterday (fri) and also shoot some portraits.

i have 5 to blog yet, plus the wedding...but i am bloggin this post, whilst i sit on the carpet of the calgary airport..

my trip was wonderful..i stayed with my dear friend hannah..i saw an old high school friend tracy, which was amazing..i did 6 photo sessions with 6 different groups of amazing people, plus a lovely wedding..and this morning i went for breakfast with jonathan's grandparents.

my grandparents lived in calgary. i actually lived with them on and off for 2 years when i met J. when i think calgary, i think of them.

but they dont live there anymore. they have both since passed. i miss them. i miss going to visit them while i'm calgary, even if for just some tea. they always had something amazing to tell, and never let me go without praying with me.

today i missed them particularly.

so, before i came to the aiport, i went and visited them... and had a few tears. and noticed that the grass around the gravestone was still not all grown in...just like the holes in my heart that are left when they passed away. how sobering that moment was. i sat and remembered..and told them that everytime i come to calgary i will visit them..

i love that their gravestone is right by a tree and by the sign of their section of the funeral grounds that says, "heritage".. what a heritage i have.

love you grampa and gramma. i will always remember you... xo


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