uh, excuse me.. i dont think this is what i ordered.. || vancouver photographer

do you ever feel that way? like you stop yourself in the moment and take a GOOD look at life and go, hmmm...this is not what i want my life to be like, how did i get here?

i'm not talking major huge crisis. no, i'm talking even the little (which seemingly is BIG in my life) things like eating & exercising regularly.

i know it's important to eat breakfast... but do it? isn't coffee considered breakfast?

i know that exercising everyday is important... but do it? isn't rolling around on my ergonomic office chair exercise?

you pickin' up what i'm putting down? ya...we've all got something like that.

so this weekend i'm re-ordering my life... i'm writing down every possible thing that fills my brain..prioritizing them..scheduling them..and implementing them.

it's good to have information and "know" stuff..but if you don't do anything about it..ya you know the drill.

i'll let you know how this journey goes.

and speaking of reordering....!!

christmas is here! well, almost.. :) and those family photos we did this year? wouldn't they look FABULOUS as greeting cards?!

there's still time to order! here's some samples of the awesomeness you can order:

contact me to order yours! tracey [at} 604.512.4679

ps - what if you use soy in your coffee? that's like a protein drink, right? ;)


Jillian Kirby said...

Good for you Trace!! Seriously... you're an inspiration to me... I've got to get on this myself!!

Your Christmas cards are gorgeous!!

Good luck with your re-order!

Chris said...

this is so cooollll....

i want to have this kind of cards soon!

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