cans for comments 2009 || vancouver wedding & portrait photographer

its that time of year again!!

last year, chris+lynn started the amazing concept that is now cans for comments... every person to leave a comment on anyone's blog who is participating, a can will be donated to the local food bank.

last year, i took on the challenge --> cans for comments 2008 -- and was able to take a box load of canned goods to the food bank in burnaby.. yay!!

this year we're doing the same thing.. any comments posted on my blog (no matter WHICH post you comment on, present or past) a can will be donated to the food bank. let's start today and we're gonna go til dec 1.

so....GO! go post some comments beautiful people..tis the season to give.

much love,


Chris+Lynn said...

oh YEAH!!! let's get the givin' started! And that pic is just as darn cute as it was last year :)

. s h e r r y * said...

Hurrah! It seems that so many people are doing this!!

Nick said...

CANS! Hurray!

tracey said...

lynn - i know, right?? :) the only thing that's changed is caleb's glasses so thought i'd use 'er again.. ;)

David Redding said...

Awesome! Lovin this can for comments!

A Toronto girl out West said...

Chris+Lynn are my wedding photographers - and I'm participating too!!!

Woohoo for giving!!!!!

Kia said...

this is so fabulous. what a great idea!!! cheers to you!

Jillian Kirby said...

Good luck with this Tracey!

erin said...

caleb and rosie look so wittle in this picture! they are getting so grown up!

Erin said...

You go girl!
Awesome! Every bit helps doesn't it!
I'll be joining in soon!!!
Hope you have an amazing holiday season!

Mariana Maya Photography said...

Awesome! I'm running this again on my blog as well! I will be holding mine Dec 1-15th!

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