fab photogs+fab mexican+fab city= fab shooting!

tuesday was a SPECTACULAR day!

miranda and reilly from blue olive studios, erin gilmore, michelle libby, michael wachniak and i planned a day of shooting each others headshots! john edgar from toronto was in town staying with the olives so he came along for some fun too! seriously, it was a stacked team of photogs..and BOY did we have fun! starting with some yummy mexican goodness at La Casita in gastown, we then spent the afternoon taking turns being "the model". we ended the fantastic afternoon down at the frog for some warm (and not so warm!) bevies to thaw us out!

here are a few of my faves..

thank you miranda & reilly, libby, michael, erin and john for an utterly FABULOUS day. xoxo


Nick said...

AWESOME shoot, Tracey. I love that B&W shot of Reilly, and the shots of Erin. Her sweater just pops off the screen. Gorgeous!

John Edgar said...

Cool stuff!! The pictures look fantastic. :)

Thanks for the mention.

Much love,


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