my friend's book

i got an email from an old friend..
she's not old, but we've known each other before j and i got 15 years ago, i guess.

i guess she started writing a book..tres cool..something i WILL do one day. anyhow, she knew i was a photographer so asked if i'd offer my services.

you bet i could!

so she needed an initial shot of a girl, looking peaceful.
so meryl, from our missionburnaby team was totally game for it..sorta. i had to get her to relax a little first, then we got a shot. a portrait of a peaceful cool.

then i got an email a couple months later from my friend lorene, who is writing the book, asking for a couple more depicting rahab in the bible, a very rich woman who was a high end harlot, and the other depicting the sinful woman in the bible, full of shame and despair.

sweet i thought..always up for a challenge. but who on EARTH am i gonna call on to depict those..those arent the most becoming roles to i thought long and hard and had an idea..

so i called on darlene to depict rahab and megan to depict the sinful woman. they were up for it.. knowing my friend was writing a book for woman on women inthe bible who struggled, just like us today, but different times.

i talked to them about these particular women who they were depicting..rahab, a very regal looking woman. the sinful woman, ashamed and hopeless. i think i got them into character and captured it well..

it was a great experience..i really enjoy these types of projects..

i cant wait for my friends book to read..and to see some familiar faces in it too! :)
i'll let u know about it! :)


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