my friend reine & the grace ormonde book launch party || vancouver wedding photographer

when my friend and photographer reine told me what she had going on, i simply said, "hey if you need a hand, really..i'm all over it."

so when she asked if i'd come shoot with her i was thrilled.

you see, i have loved reine and her work for the better part of 3 years now. it's interesting how our friendship started. i can't recall if it was facebook or me "dropping" in.. :)

anyhow, i love the way she embraces life. i also love how freaking creative she is. everytime i see something new she's done or she tells me of things she's doing, i am constantly amazed. it was the last time i was at her place that i said, "you know what, i don't think i access that part of my brain! that's why people like you are in my life; so i can see the vastness of life and all it's creativity!"

the shoot today was absolutely wonderful. it wasn't just any old shoot. it was a shoot she was doing for grace ormonde, THE wedding woman herself.

that's when i was like, hola! this is gonna be fun!

and it was. reine also asked melissa to shoot too - melissa gidney is a FREAKING talented phenomena..her photography is so raw and real. i love it. and so after i successfully checked her out on the interwebs and "creeped" her facebook fan page, i was really excited for today!

the table settings we photographed were a DREAM. reine shoots medium format film - LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of that, lemme tell ya! and so melissa and myself were shooting digital. and what were we shooting? DETAILS. oh my goodness. i pretty much was in my glory. i LOVE shooting details. :)

tonight grace had her book launch party at the vancouver club. it was my first time, today, being at the vancouver club. its so elegant. i loved everything about it.

after shooting 4 hours from 10:30 - 2:30 i put on my mom hat and got the kiddies from school. we headed to the army & navy legendary shoe sale and the kids scored 2 pairs of shoes each. :) they were happy campers.

we got home and i got "dressed up" and the kids approved of my attire.. :)

the evening was so much fun... so many wonderful, fun, really great people from the industry. from here and from seattle. grace was, well, so gracious...she mingled and then said a few words and then signed books. i had fun being the paparazzi and taking photos of everything that went on tonight.

check out grace's website where you can see what her remarkable book is all about. it's real purdy in real too. :) grace ormonde's book website.

there are scads more photos on facebook, but for now, here's a few photos from tonight's cocktail party. and click the link below them to take you to the ones on facebook.

more photos on facebook here.

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