98 things - #15 & #16 || vancouver photographer

#15. write your own erotica.

#16. if you're lucky, learn to do one good impression, say, of clint eastwood; well, do you feel lucky, punk?

ok...sooooo..neither of these is applicable to me.. wait! i can sort do kermit the frog... :)

on another note.. tomoro i start my italian language lessons..every wed this month for 2 and a half hours each. kinda excited! kinda nervous! but so fun, no!? :)

i leave you with some photos of italia..some with me in some of my favorite places in venezia.. and some just because they are dang lovely to look at.. :)


denie said...

you found the red picture!!!!!! i love it!!!!! with the door, and the old man.....mmmmmmmmm!

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