2 of my favorite people - eSession || vancouver photographer

i had heard of her...her name was in the industry...i had never met her though. and when i finally did, it was a rather quick meeting. i hadn't known if she remembered who i was when i saw that she liked scrabulous on facebook too and started a game with her.

from that first game, i knew that we'd be friends.

fast-forward 2 years.

jeanie & ian just celebrated their first year dating anniversary last month...and to no one's surprise who know them, he asked her to marry him that same night.

of course she said yes! :) he proposed with a honda ruckus scooter (ask her about that sometime) and they are planning on getting married with their immediate family in...scotland. oh yes. her brother and fellow photographer here in vancouver, jeff ow of stu-di-o, is photographing their wedding. how exciting!

so when jeanie told me about her engagement and asked if we could maybe make those portraits i was going to shoot of them, engagement photos, i was totally thrilled!

note: it's always, i know for many of us photogs, nauseating to photograph other photographers. the only thing that made me feeling less pukey is that i have photographed jeanie before and know that her and ian are CRAZY in love and such a gorgeous couple, so that would make my job a dream.

i was gonna do one of those "here's one photo for a sneak" tonight, as i'm shooting two weddings this weekend and was going to go to bed early. but when i downloaded all my cards, i knew there was NO way i was gonna be able to pick one of the HUNDREDS of fun shots we took today.

so i chose 20. (remember - click on them to get a bigger look - my blog settings are crazy..will try and figure it out one day.. :)

we brought out the infamous ruckus too..

jeanie and ian - i couldn't be happier for you two. i'm so glad you found each other. and i'm so glad today wasn't very painful for you. :) (ian, yes, i do think you could go into modeling ) love you both so very much.

enjoy the sneek. :)


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Laura Hana said...

Beautiful portraits Tracey! So fun and so them! So happy for you guys! Scotland sounds amazing! :)

textile junkie, writing her way through life... said...

stunning pics as usual Tracey! What a fun day it looks like you had!

Sarah said...

How fun are these!?!
Looks like you guys had a super fun day!
Congrats Jeanie and Ian!

jeanie said...

(does that spell out how MUCH i love you???)

ANGELA HUBBARD | Hubbard Photography said...

Simply GORGEOUS - like all 3 of you! x

fran chelico said...

these are so awesome tracey!! jeanie is such a riot! so happy for them!

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