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april 10th was the last day i posted a "98 things"...geeeeeeez..that's, 18 days ago..

that, my friends, goes to show how RIDICULOUSLY crazy life has been.

enough talk..let's catch up with 18 "98 things" today... :)

22. invent a punch that will raise eyebrows and lower inhibitions.
23. don't indulge in one judgmental thought for an entire day. okay, an hour.
24. learn a few choice phrases in french or russian to use when flirting or angry.
25. stay in a convent for a week.
26. ride a motorcycle alone across the nevada desert.
27. make wine from dandelions growing in your backyard and send it to the CEO of Greener Chemical Lawns, Inc.
28. start a wild rumor that something wonderful will happen later this year.
29. squeeze a cute fireman because it's "public hero appreciation day."
30. learn to belly dance and integrate it into your lovemaking.
31. apply for a scholarship to an art, literary or spiritual retreat that intrigues you.

32. design a picni around aphrodisiacs- raw oysters, champagne, rose petal jam on chocolate fingers- then whisper in another's ear the sensual images that passing clouds suggest.

33. be someone's fairy godmother. wand optional.

34. write an unauthorized biography of your family, including embarrassing photos, a tribute to the infamous black sheep and favorite recipes.

35. serve something flambé.

36. on the hottest day in august donate matinee tickets to a movie in an air-conditioned theatre to kids living in a homeless shelter.

37. develop a substantial cackle big enough to grow into as you age. (a cackle is a giggle with 

38. flirt with the airflight person just for the heck of it. (it's nicer than air rage.)

39. conquer one fear each year.

ok..i'm caught up.. enjoy  :) and enjoy some venice beauty below.. ;)

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