98 things - #11 and #12 || vancouver wedding photographer

i didn't do #11 yesterday.
i was hanging out with john mayer. :)
he played his guitar for me.. WOW.

just a few iPhone shots of the concert...

like i said..took them with my iphone. :) it was so great. our friends, shari & mike came with us.
(she's an amazing photog! her website is almost launched...i'll be shouting it out as soon as it is! :) in the mean time, you can check her out on her facebook page: ShariLee Photography)

now onto 98 things.. :)

 #11 - order a whole Peking duck when dining out alone.
#12 - cultivate savoir faire - an effortless knack for saying or doing just the right thing in any situation.

seriously - i want to cultivate #12 more!! :) and the duck? hmmm...mental/visual issues with eating a duck. just saying. :)

happy easter friends!!

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andrea said...

John must have been great to see live!! Good music, Great friends and mini donuts...I'd say thats a great night :)

tracey said...

andrea - he was soooooooooooo much better live. like i have said, somewhere, i sorta liked him before..but LIVE..hands down, was amazing. he's so freaking talented on his guitars man.. wow.

and the mini donuts were a little bit of a let down..not gonna lie. :)

but the friends and music - more than made up for it!!

thanks for the comment hun! :)

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