i heart second shooting.. || vancouver wedding photographer

i have lived and worked as a second shooter in vancouver for 3 years. i have worked with some of the best photographers on the planet. yes - i'm gonna name drop..not to brag at all, but to let you see the amazing opportunities i have had with such amazing artists..

elizabeth soergel
sarah rees
erin gilmore
blue olive photography
jeanie ow
patricia minnis
michael wachniak
kristel wyman
sherri koop
each photographer has been so gracious...they have taught me so much..they have given me feedback, they have helped me in so many ways become a better shooter.
when thinking in retrospect the last few weeks about us leaving soon and leaving the community of photographers i wanted to do something to give back somehow. specifically to second shooters  and those getting into the industry.

so...i tweeted a few weeks ago that the first 10 people to respond can come here me say what i know about being second shooter.

that's what i did today...had our "talk" was nothing fancy. it, of course, started off with freshly brewed lattes by moi..and then we dove in. i told them a bit about me and my journey to where i am today. and then got into the meat of what being a second photographer means. i had asked several principal photographers to help me out with giving their 5 things they would want every second shooter to know. so i integrated all their gold nuggets into my talk.

there were 9 of us. it was fun..i was a cheeseball. we laughed. i talked to much. ok, i talked a lot! (we were supposed to end at was 3:38 when we officially stopped!)

thank you miranda, erin, sherri, camille, quin, michael, amber & liz for your "5 things". they were invaluable. xo

and thank you kevin, jen, terry, sarah, sherry, lesley, bob and lani for listening...for a really...long...time. :) 



jenlai said...

thank you tracey for making wedding photography so much more approachable and demystifying it. very informative, it was good times :)


Justin said...

I'm so disappointed I had to cancel. The handouts look great. Any chance that you would be willing to share with those of us who couldn't make it?


Sarah said...

Thanks for hosting us Tracey! You make the best lattes EVER!
Thanks for sharing you knowledge, it was a great afternoon!

Anonymous said...

So sad I had to miss it ;(

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