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at christmastime we got lots of lovely, welcomed christmas cards! and being that both Lover and i work from home one of us usually gets the mail in the morning, so our dog doesn't go ballistic with the mail person. :)

anyhow, it would seem that a certain christmas card was just found on his desk... and i MUST blog about it..

do you remember dear evelyn last year? well her son and partner, jannine (who i went to high school with), sent me one of the most treasured christmas card/gift i have received.


so thank you jannine and greg...i was totally in awe when i opened it. how i would love to know the child who received know i would take portraits of them too.. ;)

blessings and many warm  hugs to you .... xoxo

ps - moral of the story? if your hubby checks the mail - scout his desk for anything that may have your name on it. ;)
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