running sucks... || vancouver wedding photographer

yes i JUST said that.
but lemme finish. "...but sometimes you just gotta do it."
gonna be candid here - i HATE exercise.
i LOVE food. ( and it doesn't help Lover is a trained chef!)

friends, those two are NOT a good combination. chuckle.
and i SUCK at going at it alone.
tonight my hubs said he would do it with me...exercise.
i am registered for the BMO Vancouver 1/2 marathon in may; in fact one of my best friends here is doing it with me, plus another is flying in from saskatchewan. I  HAVE TO BE READY FOR THIS.
i am taking a fellow photog's (cathy empey) advice and blogging about it.
there i just did.. i can do this...


 and a random photo cuz i'm like that.

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Josiah Tam Photography said...

Oh my gosh. I just started running and working out again this week. And by "again" I mean like for the first time in a year haha. IT SUCKS!!! I'm so sore right now and all I want to do is eat a bunch of rich and creamy food, but alas I shall not because I have more willpower than that (at least that's what I try to make myself believe).

Anyway, good luck with the training and the half marathon! You can do it :)

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