sometimes life hands you...eggs <3 || vancouver photographer

last week at java times (coffee GTG every 1st and 3rd wed of the month for vancouver wedding photogs & second shooters!) one of my collegues, kristel wyman handed me this cute little bag and said she had something for me..that she bought on her trip to mexico...! an egg..made with tiny, colourful beads. :)

first of all, why on EARTH would she buy ME something while on her vacation in MEXICO? i actually didn't just think this, i said it outloud! she smiled and said, cuz you're nice...and i saw your ukrainian easter eggs.

well...i was touched... **swoon**
and lo and egg..made in mexico, reminding me of our ukrainian eggs (the ones below my great grandma emily and my aunt handpainted) at christmas time.

beyond words...thank you sweet kristel. you were a breath of fresh air. xoxo

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Mandy Jill said...

That is so sweet! The color in the first photo is amazing. I remember trying to make eggs with my mom's Ukranian friend and they didn't turn out, but yours are lovely.

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