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just before christmas the fam headed across the great pacific ocean for a family reunion/40th wedding anniersary for J's parents.

our local paper, the burnaby NOW, has a section called paper postcard; if you bring a copy of it on your holidays and take a photo with it they may put it in the paper.

so being the geek mom i am, i toted along the paper and had my children (caleb was NOT impressed, i might add) pose on the beach of boracay, in the philippines. and this wednesday's paper had them in it. :)

(and here's the actual photo i sent in..)

and a pretty decent size i might add!

(photo from my handy dandy iphone using best cam)

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tracey said...

and when i said to caleb, hey son did you see you're in the paper? cool huh?

his reply: no mom, it's not cool.

ah, yes, i have a 12 year old. ;)

Cathy said...

Kids! LOL.

I think that is wonderful! They are so cute. Did I just say cute LOL.

Laura Hana said...

I love it! Cute how they extracted them from the background to put them on the front cover. :)

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