post hannukah with the marliss clan || vancouver photographer

the day after hannukah (because both our families had crazy last week of school schedules!) we headed down to steveston to our dear friends', steph & kathy for some post-hannukah feasting.. :)

we were very excited! and we had a ball!

steph and jonathan were, of course, all about the cooking...

and really? rightfully was a SERIOUSLY amazing spread of yummy tummy goodness!

back in for a few more minutes..

and this bad boy was JUICY!!!!!

so juicy that we had to catch the juice!

kath was soooooo hungry that she decided to drink the juice.. NEW MOON anyone!? :)
nah, just kiddin'...this was totally fake.. gotcha didn't we? :)

it was pretty gross though to look at, right?

the kids were lovin the food too!

and my plate of goodness along with some particularly important details from our night.. ;)

this is one of my fave shots from the night..

the kiddies decided to put on a concert for us.. twas lovely... go HSM!!

(love caleb's guitar action in this one!)

we ended our evening, 6 hours later, with some yummy biscotti and egg nog..

love you guys lots!  thanks for sharing some hannukah goodness with us! the next feast is at our place!! xoxo

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