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i have been reading blogs and twitter updates all day.. so many people saying so many great and inspiring things.

some blogging their whole year...others just a few sentences.

so where do i fit in there, i asked myself tonight...

i have so much i'd love to say and share..but yet don't want to ramble. i mean, really...who reads this blog? my friends? my clients? my collegues? maybe.

does it really matter tho? not really.

a few stats, cuz that's what year-end is, right? :)

{last year}

{fact}: i posted to this blog 250 times. that's a few...i think i'll do that many or more this year.

{fact}: i second shot 31 weddings - with erin gilmore, blue olive, jeanie ow, elizabeth soergel, sherri koop & kristel wyman. definitely do a whole lot less of that this year.

{fact}: i shot two destination weddings - calgary & victoria. definitely gonna do more of that this year.

{fact}: i traveled across western canada and into seattle and portland to shoot portraits. i loved doing that. i will do that some more this year.

{fact}: the vancouver wedding photogs & second shooters group has 192 members as of dec 31. that's ridiculously amazing! we're gonna keep growing and expanding the group and it's purpose in 2010!

{fact}: i did NO running whatsoever last year. that's changing. running a half marathon in may. no turning back baby.

{fact}: our two kids have grown so much this year. it seems too fast. i'm slowing down this year to grow with them.

{fact}: i attended several workshops this year (ninja workshop, jared platt, mitche graf, andre amyot & [b]ecker's workshop) i learned sooooo much. i'm implementing sooooooooo much. i'm attending WPPI, Image Explorations & many more this next year. i feel like this is sponge time, baby.

and i could go on and on and on. :)

2009 was a fairly decent year. lots of amazing times. lots of not so amazing times. lots of really amazing times. lots. :)

and here i sit at the end of the first day of 2010.

anticipating..excited..hopeful..uncertain..yet ready.

ready for what lies ahead..known and unknown. and friends...i expect big things ahead. :)

stay tuned in the coming days for some visual recap of 2009..

hugs and love,

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Cathy said...

Have a wonderful year! Thank you for doing all that you do for Vancouver photogs! Hey, I will be running the same half!! I wish you all of the best with your training.

Oh, and i am considering going to the IE on the island too! Glad to hear you are going!



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