viva las vegas!! || vancouver wedding photographer

at the beginning of march i, along with, oh 15,000 other wedding portrait photographers, made our way to las vegas to WPPI, wedding portrait photographers international.

i am gonna blog a whole buncha posts from my 4 days there.. i had some lovely adventures!

one adventure in particular was happening upon a newly married couple, ericka & justin, getting their photos taken in front of the infamous WELCOME TO LAS VEGAS sign by their limo driver. miranda, jeanie and i knew we had to intervene. :) miranda introduced us and in 30 seconds we were well on our way with a little bridal portrait session!

here's a few of my faves...i had my wide angle lens on that day.. oh baby..lovin' it. :)
and ericka & justin..thank you for being so gracious and letting us "snap".. have a fun life together!! :)

and of course the crazy photogs! :)


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