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I don't often blog about my very personal spiritual journey. in fact I don't know if I ever have.
that's just not 'me'..
but I know that my spiritual journey is something I value and know that those close to me respect and value too.

with that.. here is a glimpse into my heart.

this road trip has been different.
we have traveled many a mile.
we slept in many a town.
we have truly had a remarkable time together as family.

we, as a family, are in major transition time.
what is next in our journey is unclear.
where our journey leads us is unknown.

but there is one known: that this life is so short and we have one shot at making it remarkable.. at making a difference... at making it worthwhile.
at living it to the fullest.

the stirring in our hearts is one we have been familiar with a few times in our married life. it took us to places and situations we never thought... we only dreamed. that stirring has made us the people we are today. people of hope, courage, risking, celebrating.

and we cannot ignore that stirring.
and so here we are. in life, with the stirring. with the world as our canvas. wandering but not lost.

all I know is that we have to trust Jesus.

and then, as we left Banff, this song came on our cd mix whilst driving thru the mountains.

how fitting. :)

with a hopeful heart,


You are my portion, by Darrell Evans

Father I will not worry about tomorrow
and all of its questions

Father I will just trust You and i will be waiting for treasure from heaven

My heart is with You
and there my treasure lies
My eyes are on You
You are my delight

Though I may not wear the garments of princes
You are my portion
You are my portion

But You clothe me in Your righteousness
You are my portion
You are my portion

And I may not sit at the table of kings, its alright cuz
You are my portion
You are my portion

You feed me from the abundance of Your hand
You are my portion
you are my portion Lord

My Everything can meet my every need
You cover me and make me pure and clean

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Miranda - Blue Olive Photography said...

I can't wait to hear what comes next for you guys, and to support you in whatever little way I can along the way. We love you Heppners! Welcome home soon!

textile junkie, writing her way through life... said...

That song makes me cry. Especially now. It really is a journey isn't it, this life?

Transition. How well I know that road. It's hard to not force my own hand on the path I am being led down, because I am a stubborn one, and don't like to wait! I want answers now. LOL

Thanks for posting that.

Chris said...

its nice to hear about your journey time to time... im praying for you and your family... ill always be here for you!

tracey said...

thank you all for your kind words and comments.. you are all so sweet.. xoxo

and so the journey continues!

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