98 things a woman should do in her lifetime...#1 || personal || vancouver photographer

i know, i know..not exactly photoblog material..but really..i found this cute little book and i decided i'd share it with my blog readers too cuz it was so good. :)

so for today...

allow your chewy salty heart to be marinated in the tender juices of a younger man's obsession.

saweeeeeeeeeet! i married a guy who was almost 3 years younger than me.. ACCOMPLISHED!
this book may be easier than i thought..

see you tomoro for the next one..and hopefully some regularly bloggity blog up on here too.. :)
(we moved, right after i got back from WPPI in vegas, so life has been CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!! but we are unpacked and i'm trying to find some sense of normalcy again....HAHAHAHA!)

and no blog post is complete without a photo..and its a photo of this younger man of mine when he was quuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuite a bit younger.. :) enjoy!



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